Beyond Home Care
What Your Memory Care Community Can Offer You and Your Loved One

Dear Caregiver,


Caring for an aging loved one with memory issues is not for the faint of heart.


Maybe you decided to take it upon yourself, thinking you could handle it. Or maybe you didn’t feel like you had much choice.


Whatever the case may be, we know that the feelings you have, especially right now, are hard to ignore.


The overwhelming uncertainty…


The need for some semblance of normalcy…


Some days, it’s beyond exhausting.



At Country Gardens Assisted Living, we know that there are several factors that could be keeping you from making that hard decision.


Vaccine availability, access to your loved one once they are placed, personal care and safety – these are on many caregivers minds when they are having trouble moving forward.


Just so that you know, these concerns are at the top of our list too.


Every day, loving caregivers like yourself reach out to us and tell us about their fears and worries regarding placement of the special senior, especially those who have memory challenges.


At Country Gardens Assisted Living, we understand what you’re going through. Our unique community has successfully guided many family members just like you through the process of placement. All it takes is for you to reach out- even if you just want to talk about your current situation.


Sometimes, it’s just knowing that someone really cares, and can address the needs you both have.


When your loved one simply needs more help, companionship, and comprehensive care than you can provide, just know that the Country Gardens Assisted Living is here for you.